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Electropolishing and Passivation

Our proprietary electropolishing process meets or exceeds SEMATECH testing standards for surface finish, cleanliness and passivation performance. Electropolish also provides a corrosion resistant surface, and removes any discoloration on the surface caused by heat-treating and/or oxidation leaving you with a bright, reflective finish.

Although electropolish is primarily performed on stainless steel, Accurate Metal Finishing also provides electropolish and/or cleaning of a variety of exotic metals.

At Accurate Metal Finishing, we specialize in stainless steel finishing of large-scale products utilizing any of our finishing processes. We feature a variety of large tanks capable of handling products up to 2 tons.

With large tank capacity, as well as smaller hand-held lines, we are able to accommodate lot sizes from prototypes to tens of thousands of parts.

Electropolishing Tank Capacities
2-ton Capacity Length Width Depth
Electropolish 300 Series 15' 4' 4'
Electropolish 300 Series 72" 28" 84"
Electropolish 300 Series 68" Diameter
Cylindrical Tank
Electropolish 400 Series 4' 4' 4'
Passivate 10' 4' 4'
Pickling 10' 4' 4'

Accurate Metal Finishing also offers out-of-tank electropolishing for extremely large products.

Electropolishing for semiconductor industry
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